The Senate is set for a noon vote today on whether to defer consideration of DACA and keep the government open for three weeks.

Democrats would be fools to take this deal. In three weeks, nothing will have changed, and Congress will go through this all over again.

Public opinion supports extending DACA by margins upwards of 80 percent, depending on the poll. Even a majority of Republican voters support it.

The more this drags on, the clearer it becomes to voters that the sole obstacle to resolution—and to reopening the government—is Donald Trump, his petulance, and his failure to keep his word as a negotiator. At various points in the recent past, he has been all for DACA extension, until he wasn’t. He keeps pulling the rug out from under Republican negotiators as he keeps changing his mind.

Despite Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s efforts to spin this impasse as the Democrats’ fault, with every passing hour it becomes more evident that the problem is President Trump. And as a shutdown drags on, Trump has the most to lose.

The closure has already upstaged the first anniversary, and it threatens to rain on his trip this week to Davos, where he plans a high-profile speech. And imagine giving a State of the Union address with the government shut down?

Hang tough, Dems.