OK, there is no such group, but there might as well be. You have undoubtedly been part of such a conversation, and it usually involves heartbroken Hillary supporters of a certain age:

“As a feminist, I hate to say this, but we need to nominate a white male who can win. There is just too much misogyny in America to elect a woman.”

Jesus wept! (Or maybe Mary wept.) Call me a mansplainer, but here goes:

People, get real. Hillary lost because she was a horrible, badly blemished candidate, not primarily because she was female. What blemishes? Let us count the ways:

  • The Wall Street speaking fees and failure to run as an economic populist
  • The email server
  • The ghost of Bill’s serial infidelities, which made it impossible for Hillary to exploit Trump’s vulnerabilities as a grotesque sexist and worse
  • Her failure to distance herself from her closest aide, Huma Abedin, wife of yet another pathetic sexual predator, Anthony Weiner
  • Her campaign’s taking for granted states where Trump was plainly making inroads, and failing to send the candidate to workplaces in Michigan and Wisconsin
  • Lots of other unforced errors—plus sheer bad luck in the destructive, self-serving actions of then-FBI Chief James Comey

So this doesn’t mean that a woman can’t win. It means that Hillary Clinton couldn’t win.

Nobody would deny the depth of America’s racism. Yet Barack Obama won.

Yes, America is misogynist, but it isn’t that hopelessly misogynist. Look at all the gains women candidates have been making at all levels.

Feminists of all genders should resist gender stereotyping. Hillary Clinton does not stand for all women.