As readers may recall from several pieces I’ve written for the Prospect, I’ve been a huge fan of Senator Elizabeth Warren ever since I met her in 2008 when she chaired the Congressional Oversight Panel on the bank bailouts.

Not since Bobby Kennedy have I seen an American progressive so skilled at narrating the life situations of ordinary people and relating them to the imperative of drastic reform of capitalism. Like Bobby, she is also superb at bridging divisions of race.

A lot of people have contended that Warren is too shrill, too much of a Harvard schoolmarm, or too lefty, to appeal to white men and to win the nomination or to be a plausible candidate in the general election. Lately, with the progressive swing of the Democratic Party, even skeptics are revising their view.

The latest indicator: CNN’s monthly ranking of Dems most likely to win the nomination has just put Warren first, up from second in their August ranking and third in July. She has recently been the subject of flattering coverage in places like Vox, New York Magazine, and The Atlantic—mainstream media that do not go out of their way to praise lefties.

Not convinced? Still in the schoolmarm/shrill camp? You owe it to yourself to watch this 25-minute speech. Start about two minutes in.