You get the feeling that Trump isn’t having much fun. He got his clock cleaned on his Europe trip. His effort to make the midterm election a referendum on himself worked all too well—for Democrats.

His Trumped-up claim against CNN’s Jim Acosta backfired. As did his effort to hem in Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

And with Democrats now in charge of the House, blocking bad Republican legislation and readying all manner of investigations, Trump is in for two more years of no fun—big time.

So maybe this is the moment for Trump to cut the ultimate deal. He resigns, goes back to tending the family businesses, and all prosecutions against his family, his cronies, and himself are dropped.

I know, I know. There is injustice in that. The whole gang of grifters needs to be met with the full force of the law. On the other hand, as Trump gets more and more demented, getting him out of the presidency would be worth it. And he must know that he needs to act soon before more indictments come—for example, of Don Jr.

The headline alone would be worth it. “Trump to Trump: You’re fired!”