As I’ve been observing, his Republican Senate support was steadily crumbling. LaGuardia shutting down was the last straw, and more government employees were starting to refuse to work.

You can imagine Trump’s fantasies about firing them all and finding temps to work as air traffic controllers (oops), but when Mitch McConnell defects, then Trump knows the game is up. McConnell took the pressure from the Senate Republican caucus as long as he could—and then turned the pressure on Trump.

So once again, the Deep State—otherwise known as the U.S. Constitution—has held: barely held, but held. Nancy Pelosi made a monkey of Trump when he thought he could barge into the people’s House without an invitation. His threat to invoke a state of emergency was a nonstarter, too.

Presidential power is a funny thing. You have it, until you don’t. The Republican defections also bode well for Trump’s impeachment—and eventual removal.