You do have to wonder what it would take for Republican members of Congress to break with Trump.

Republicans were clearly exasperated by Trump’s wall obsession, which cost them dearly politically. They were not prepared to appropriate more money for the wall, either during the two years when they controlled both houses of Congress, or in the context of his brinkmanship over the government shutdown. But when it came to supporting a resolution to disallow his bogus declaration of a national emergency, just 13 brave Republican souls voted aye.

And that would be 13 more than the Republicans in yesterday’s hearing of the House Oversight Committee. Instead of seeing Michael Cohen’s testimony as an opportunity to ferret out new details, Republicans played it solely in terms of a partisan defense of Trump’s sorry tush.

At what point, if at all, will Republicans decide they’ve had enough? Maybe if he shot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue? And maybe not.