Donald Trump is cornered. In his increasingly desperate efforts to bully and bluff the House investigations of leads provided by the Mueller report, Trump oscillates between bluster and changing the subject.

His latest gambit is infrastructure. The American people, he insists, don’t want to hear about obstruction of justice. They want to hear about infrastructure.

Indeed they do. Democrats are proposing a multi-trillion dollar Green New Deal. So where has the president been? Nowhere.

He had two years with a Republican Congress to produce some kind of infrastructure program, but except for some bogus public-private deals, he produced next to nothing. Instead, the Republican Congress delivered tax cuts and spending cuts.

Last October, he finally proposed an infrastructure program that was mostly imagined private money, with just $200 million of actual federal dollars—to be offset by other spending cuts. Against $1.6 trillion in tax cuts.

Next Tuesday, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will meet with Trump to discuss an infrastructure program. The Democrats have the high ground here. They should avoid throwing Trump a lifeline that can give him bogus bragging rights. They should resist his demands to hold their meeting in front of the cameras.

And as a condition of the meeting they should insist that Trump cease the schoolyard name-calling of their Democratic colleagues. It’s the least they owe Intelligence Committee chair Adam (“Pencil-neck”) Schiff.