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Warren, the Incidental and Integral Feminist

Have you noticed that Elizabeth Warren is not quite running as a feminist? Her feminism is, rather, integral to who she is. For instance, Warren’s basic story tells of how her mother had to take a paid job for the first time after her father’s heart attack, and how she kept saying amid sobs, “We will not lose this house, we will not lose this house.” What kind of story could be more quintessentially female? Every woman in the [...]

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When a National Champion Crashes and Burns

Many large corporations play the role of so-called national champions. They help their home countries maintain good jobs, technological leadership, and exports. National champions include Toyota, Siemens, Samsung, Apple, Citigroup, Fiat, Airbus, Intel, Volkswagen, an increasing number of Chinese companies, and—until now—Boeing, the source of a huge U.S. trade surplus in commercial airliners that helps offset the rest of our massive trade deficit. But what happens when a national champion crashes and burns? Nothing good. Boeing, having been caught [...]

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