In all of the calculations about whether there is sufficient evidence to impeach, and what effect impeachment would have on the 2020 election, the most obvious reason keeps being ignored. Trump is plainly unfit to govern.

He makes impulsive decisions, makes stuff up, alienates allies, refuses to vet prospective nominees, doesn’t read briefing materials, reverses policies on a dime, brings on a needless recession, and so on. As his Republican allies know all too well, he is out of his mind.

Trump incautiously contends that Joe Biden is “not playing with a full deck.” Trump doesn’t have a picture card in his hand.

If we needed one more bit of evidence, we now have … Greenland.

The ice-man cometh.

If someone at The Onion had made the Greenland story up, the editors would have rejected it as too far-fetched. But Trump’s aides have now confirmed that he has been badgering them for weeks to find out how he can buy Greenland.

Imagine his thought processes. With global warming, there are all these minerals ready to be exploited. Or maybe it can be a source of the ice that the rest of the world is losing. Today, Greenland; tomorrow Antartica.

The fact that Greenland is not for sale doesn’t seem to deter him. In Trumpworld, everyone is for sale. It’s just a matter of price.

When he finally goes, in the spirit of Napoleon’s exile to Elba, Greenland would be a great place to put Trump on ice. But can’t we please do this sooner rather than later?