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On This Anniversary Of 9/11, The Case for Patriotism

I noticed a large American flag outside the home of a neighbor, marking this fateful anniversary. My first reaction, I am ashamed to admit, was to wonder if there might be a Trump voter in my nice liberal neighborhood. But then I thought, hey it's my flag, too. As we head into 2020, it's time for a serious game of capture the flag. Patriotism is too valuable to leave to Donald Trump and the far right. But let's define [...]

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Another Win for Warren

The Working Families Party has endorsed Elizabeth Warren for the Democratic nomination and for president. This is something of a stunner, since the WFP endorsed Bernie Sanders last time. The endorsement was made via a poll of the membership and leadership, in which Warren received 61 percent to Sanders’s 36 percent. It came several days after Warren astutely endorsed two high-priority candidates backed by the Working Families Party, one running for the Philadelphia City Council, the other being Stephen Smith, who [...]

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Would Trump Cancel The Election?

The story went by so fast that you may have missed it in the welter of other Trump outrages and mishaps. Republican parties in four states—Nevada, Arizona, South Carolina, and Kansas—are on track to cancel the 2020 primaries. Why would they do such a thing? Because Trump is facing some primary opposition. The crazier he gets, the more the chances increase that he could face more than token opposition in his own party. The fact that four state parties are [...]

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Trump Can Only Envy Boris Johnson

The British prime minister has just pulled off a constitutional coup. He requested the queen to suspend Parliament for about six weeks ahead of the October 31 deadline for a Brexit deal or a no-deal exit from the EU; and since the queen’s consent is a mere formality, Her Majesty complied. This ploy will drastically narrow the window for debate on the terms of Brexit. Johnson is gambling that weakening debate in the House of Commons increases the chances [...]

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