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How to Lose the Latinx Vote

The term Latinx is supposedly needed as a gender-neutral word to describe voters of Latino or Latina origin. For the most part, pressure to use Latinx comes from Anglo radicals and liberals, not from Hispanics. Now, a reputable pollster has confirmed that most Latinos and Latinas—98 percent, to be precise—don’t like the word. For starters, Latinx violates the architecture of the Spanish language. Spanish solves the gender problem in its own way—using a to indicate female, and o to signal male. You got a problem with that? [...]

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Campaign 2020-The Story The New York Times Doesn’t Want To Tell

The New York Times featured a centerfold of its weekly Sunday Review section, billboarded “How to Beat Trump in 2020: Four Opinion Writers Show the Way.” This should be good, I thought. It wasn’t. One piece, by Melayne Price, was headlined “Electrify the Youth.” Yes, sure, but based on what mobilizing themes? Pryce cited various identity groups, but not the galvanizing issues. The second piece, by David Leonhardt, was titled “To Beat Trump, Focus on Corruption.” This is true, as [...]

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About That Trumped-Up Economy

GDP grew at just 1.9 percent in the third quarter, well below last year’s average of 2.9 percent and far below the Trump administration’s prediction for 3.2 percent for all of 2019. Trump will be lucky if the economy delivers 2 percent growth for the year. The Fed duly cut rates, but low interest rates can only do so much. Mainly, they are pumping up a speculative stock market. Why is the economy slowing? Global growth is weakening, and [...]

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The Deep State Might Yet Save the Republic

It was the deep state that killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State—and Trump’s impetuousness, love of dictators, and abrupt troop withdrawal that almost destroyed the secret operation. Trump’s spin, bragging about an operation that he damn near upended, immediately collapsed. What is the deep state? It is career public officials, civilian and military, who have a sense of integrity and patriotism; people who have risked their careers to testify in the impeachment investigation against the wishes of the [...]

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