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A Bogus Takedown of Warren’s Wealth Tax

The New York Times piece today on the projection by the Penn Wharton Budget Model that Warren’s proposed tax would reduce growth manages a rare trifecta. It discredits both the model and the Times for playing it straight, and demonstrates the need for a very different brand of economic policy and analysis. The model projects that by raising taxes on the very wealthiest, Warren’s tax would cut growth by two-tenths of 1 percent. But a model is only as good as its assumptions. Among [...]

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Lets Hear It for the Deep State

Well, my sometime pal Steve Bannon sure got one thing right. What stands between Donald Trump and outright tyranny is the deep state. Just look at the witness list for the impeachment hearings: one foreign service officer after another—not a profession noted for attracting left-wingers, but for the most part honorable and principled people. And when Trump tried to take over agencies of government with police powers, to use as his own private spying and operations forces, he ran [...]

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Going To Pot

Back in the day, the idea was to decriminalize marijuana. Smokers could get their stash from small-time dealers, with much of the stuff homegrown, and nobody would be prosecuted. That, in any case, was the pipe dream. But somehow, the pot crusade morphed into full-blown legalization, which was followed by corporatization. And now, of course, the corporate guys are screwing up what was once a nice, modest thing. And so we have everything from payoffs to politicians for coveted [...]

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