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About Robert Kuttner

Robert Kuttner, cofounder and coeditor of The American Prospect and former columnist for both Business Week and the Boston Globe. He holds the Ida and Meyer Kirstein Chair at Brandeis University, and lives in Boston.

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About  The Stakes 2020

The 2020 presidential election will determine the very survival of American democracy. The Stakes explains how the failure of the economy to serve ordinary Americans opened the door to a demagogic president, and how democracy can still be taken back from Donald Trump.


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The Virus Has Claimed Its First American Victim

That would be Donald J. Trump. Because it vividly displays the limits of Trump’s master strategy of bullshitting.

It’s one thing to disdain science when the consequences are remote and indirect; another when the result is a country unprepared for an escalating epidemic that puts even your truest believers at risk.

It’s one thing to fire […]


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Bob is available to speak on the following topics:

  • Bannon, Trump, and White Nationalism
  • The Path to Universal Health Care
  • The China Playbook for US Business
  • Are Robots Destined to Destroy Jobs?
  • Globalization and the Populist Backlash
  • The Progressive Future and the Democratic Party
  • The Political Economy of the 2020 Elections