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Bob Kuttner on The Majority Report

Bob Kuttner discussing his new book on GBH News


Bob Kuttner on Morning Joe


Bob Kuttner at EPI speaking about The Stakes: 2020


Bob Kuttner returns to Morning Joe – MSNBC


Bob Kuttner at the Economic Policy Institute


Bob Kuttner at the New School – Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis


Bob Kuttner on WNYC with Duarte Geraldino


Bob Kuttner on Morning Joe – MSNBC


Bob Kuttner on BBC World News


Bob Kuttner on Fresh Air with Terry Gross


Bob Kuttner with the Institute for New Economic Thinking

Bob Kuttner on Bannon with Amy Goodman

Bob Kuttner on “making banking boring again” Institute for New Economic Thinking

Bob Kuttner on PBS on Bannon


Bob Kuttner on Bannon, NBC

Bob Kuttner on “Squandering of America,” CSPAN

Bob Kuttner speaking at the Central European University, Budapest

Bob Kuttner on “Debtors Prison,” with Joseph Stiglitz

Bob Kuttner and Sean Hannity

Stiglitz’s commentary on Debtors engaging with Bob Kuttner

Kuttner/Stiglitz, Part Three


Earliest known YouTube of Bob Kuttner, 1983

Other Radio and TV around the Bannon affair:

 “Writer: Interview highlights Bannon’s arrogance.” CNN Tonight. August 16, 2017. [CLIP – INTERVIEW WITH BOB]

 “Robert Kuttner says he was ‘stunned’ as Bannon went ‘on and on’ in frank interview.” Peter W. Stevenson. The Washington Post. August 17, 2017. [INTERVIEW WITH BOB]

“Steve Bannon Called ‘American Prospect’ To Talk About Politics.” Rachel Martin. NPR Morning Edition. August 17, 2017. [INTERVIEW]

“Kuttner: Bannon ‘is a guy who makes it up as he goes along.'” Deadline White House. MSNBC. August 17, 2017. [CLIP – INTERVIEW WITH BOB]

“Robert Kuttner: Bannon Interview Was ‘Truly Strange.'” WGBH – Boston Public Radio. August 17, 2017. [INTERVIEW WITH BOB]

“Liberal writer who talked to Bannon: One problem with theory that he resigned on Aug. 7.” Michelle Fox. CNBC. August 18, 2017. [CLIP OF BOB BEING INTERVIEWED ON CNBC]

“White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is Out.” Wolf. CNN. August 18, 2017 [TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW WITH WOLF BLITZER AND BOB KUTTNER]

John King, after Kuttner interview:  “Quickly, I want to say, I’ve been reading Bob Kuttner, 20-plus years. One of the more thoughtful people in the progressive moment, even if you’re a conservative, especially on economic policy.”

“American Prospect Editor Robert Kuttner on His Extraordinary Interview with Steve Bannon.” Juan Gonzalez and Amy Goodman. Democracy Now! August 22, 2017. [INTERVIEW]