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Summers Watch

Larry Summers is not only a self-promoter who is often wrong on his economics. He is disdainful of who suffers if his recommendations are taken seriously.

The Dance of Liberals and Radicals

Appreciating the wisdom of Todd Gitlin—and what his insights about the 1960s tell us about the present moment

Biden and the Billionaire Tax

We need a lot more pitchfork populism from working-class Joe.

Democracy Summer

The survival of Democrats in 2022 will depend heavily on turnout. Though Donald Trump will not be on the ballot, he will be our not-so-secret weapon.

The Great Housing Inflation as a Long-Term Policy Failure

High prices of homes and rental apartments have very little to do with today’s general inflation, but reflect decades of perverse policies that hurt both renters and aspiring homeowners.

The End of Globalism

The world economic and financial system will never be the same.

Was Putin Inevitable?

How policy blunders under Bill Clinton and George W. Bush helped bring about a post-communist Russia hostile to democracy, free markets, and the West

Capitalism vs. Liberty

All that we liberals cherish—socially, economically, and politically—is being undermined by toxic capitalism. What might lie beyond it, and how might we get there?

China: Epicenter of the Supply Chain Crisis

How concentrating dependence on China upended our economy and added risk