Fearful (and False) Symmetry

A Sanders-Trump election would not be a face-off between left and right, but between democracy and incipient fascism.


Was Impeachment A Mistake?

Republican devotion to the Great Dictator held. Now Trump is gloating. Was impeachment always a fool’s errand?


Was Putin Inevitable?

How policy blunders under Bill Clinton and George W. Bush helped bring about a post-communist Russia hostile to democracy, free markets, and the West


A Bolton-Biden Witness Deal?

It could be bad for Trump, and even worse for Biden.


Pocketbook Issues Are Still The Path to Victory

backing off the ‘identity’ issues will achieve nothing but mush.


The Dance of Impeachment 

How the impeachment trial might play out among Republicans and Democrats in the Senate


How About Some NAFTA Rights for U.S. Workers?

The Trump administration’s efforts on behalf of Mexican labor belie an aggressive anti-worker project at home.


Best of 2019: Robert Kuttner

The Prospect’s founding co-editor reflects on his favorite work in the magazine in 2019.


Corbyn, Sanders, and Warren: the Bogus Comparison

The lesson is not that Democrats need to be centrists—but that they’d better get serious about trade, or right-wing populists like Trump will keep eating their lunch.


Volcker Without Tears

The Paul Volcker who tanked the economy in 1979 did massive and needless damage. The penitent Volcker of the Obama era had far more progressive views—and no influence.


Green New Deal: The Urgent Realism of Radical Change

A socially just Green New Deal is far more feasible than skeptics think, as policy and technology. The challenge is the politics.